Thursday, 24 November 2016

What the fuck did I do this summer?

I met up with a friend recently who I hadn't seen in a good few months and they asked me what I'd been up to this summer and you know what? I hadn't a bloody clue. Usually I'd offer some significant story about traveling the world and making all kinds of ridiculous memories. This year however, I simply just marvelled in the mundane and enjoyed the quieter things in life. I even bought myself a cat off some lass on Twitter for £22. Sadly little Maddie is no longer with us though.

She didn't die, I just realised after five days I'm barely able to look after myself, let alone an animal, and we moved her into a much more spaceous and suited home. The fact she came with fleas and my flatmate (who was oblivious of the purchase) is alergic was also a contributing factor. The other highlights of this summer included visiting family and my little ginger cousins and God son, day trips with friends, moving flat and just trying to appreciate real things. I also visited ITV2's Love Island, talked about innapropriate things with many celebrities and got a job at The Sun, but my other social media is spammed with that side of my life so I'll keep it off here yeah.

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