Saturday, 2 December 2017

Human rights, online fights and the Simple Life in Sydney

If you're wondering what's happened since my last update on here, I've accidentally become the poster boy of unregulated farm work across Australia, partied with pop stars and struggled to take a poo. There's never a dull moment, eh?

I'm blaming my new protein heavy diet for that last one.

The most concerning aspect of my newfound, unexpected, infamy is the fact that I'm wearing a fluorescent orange hi-visibility hoody from K-Mart in the lead picture chosen by newspaper editors. Admittedly not my best look.

Confused? So, after enduring four months of fuck ups, fear and frightful conditions to secure a second year visa in this lovely land, which I've briefly mentioned in previous posts here, I published the diary of my '88 days' on Buzzfeed after moving back to Sydney and into a new pad with my dearest boyfriend William. And it managed to break the internet.

Well, the backpacking and agricultural parts of this world wide web. And all without flashing my fanny. See, it is possible, Kimmy K. 

Thousands of comments have flooded Facebook groups, angry farmers have inundated me with hate for daring to share my experience of exploitation and it's become the talking point of several small towns. Quite literally. Thanks to prominent pick up in the media. Many other concerned Aussie's have called for action. Which, hopefully, will eventually happen.

Before I hit publish I met with a professor who is in the middle of a research grant to present to the gov on all of this and there's even talks of documentaries being pitched to major networks. Great news all round.

As I said in the piece, and I'll say again here, I think that the 88 day scheme is genius. Unfortunately, it's just sad to see that a system with such promise, is plagued by so many people actively taking advantage.

I was raised to speak up on the things I feel passionate about, which is why I shared my account. Change will never come unless enough people are calling for it. No matter what the issue you're speaking up on. I urge you all to go execute your right to freedom of speech while speaking is still free. Even if it's for something as simple as a Jonas Brothers reunion tour, for example. Which I'm totally here for.

Following my farming ordeal, it was back to Sydney where my boyfriend and I moved into a brand new place together. Potted plants, family pet and the ultimate gay dream.

"I don't think I can sleep tonight," my dearest announced, after arriving home late one evening to the sight of me and his dog cuddled together on the sofa under the gentle glow of fairy lights. "Because all my dreams have come true."

Unfortunately, before I could even mock him for such a cute yet cringe message of affection that would actually melt my heart, he added: "Oh no, not because of you. My offer has just been accepted on the boat I went to view this morning."  And there I was feeling special.

Swapping fruit picking on farms for legitimate employment, I've also now accepted a role at Australia's top magazine. They actually won that award the other week, btw. I'm not just hyping it up to try sound all cool and edgy.

My first day was the morning after the Harry Styles show, which, well, was a Sign Of The Times for things to come. See what I did there? And if you didn't, please close this page and never return.

My first week in the office has been a mixture of being relieved that everyone is so wonderful and welcoming, writing words about things and covering parties with people like Paris Hilton, Lorde and Shawn Mendy Mendes. Brb while I just pick them names up that I've dropped.

Nah, but I do feel incredibly lucky to be back doing the type of work I love and spent the past decade dabbling with. Minus the few (unforgettable) months farming, obviously.

Before I now fuck off and leave you for another month or so, here's my current mantra: Don't stay silent on things just because it's easier than speaking up. Go shout, scream and stir some shit up if you see something that isn't okay. Be a dick, put pressure on people in power and make your voice heard.

Start a whole fucking movement if ya have too.